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What a great financial news solution should provide its readers

What a great financial news solution should provide its readers
Norkon Team
November 08, 2017

Investing, finance, and stock markets might seem challenging and intimidating  for a lot of readers and users, but its an avenue of life it affects of all. Our entire society and most social structures are related to the financial markets, meaning it affect as all, which is likely why it scares and bewilders so many readers.

The stock markets might seem intimidating, but they can be better understood with the right tools

But for those who do like finances or are just getting into it, having a reliable financial news solution is a real asset to your portfolio. Or it can be at least if you know how to use it properly. Let’s look at some of the things that it can afford you.

Learn about Backtesting

First question that would arise is what is backtesting and how can it help you? Backtesting is the act of using historical data with stocks to evaluate your strategy to determine if its a sound strategy to use when building your portfolio. It can help make informed decisions on where to put money and what to buy. However there are some limits to backtesting in this format. History does not always accurately foretell what the future will be like. Look at stocks that lose millions overnight (there was a recent on in the news, but that’s another topic). The history, and there for your results and potential strategy can cost you big. There is a potential solution, or a better way to go about it though.

Using a real-time backtester.

Really, using real time, rather than historical data can help to give a more accurate picture of how a certain trade would affect your portfolio. This could also be called real-time simulation, where the information that is being used to create your strategy is happening now.It’s accurate and up to date information that will leave you more inclined to make an accurate change, rather than one based on history. But backtesting is still a huge benefits for planning a strategy that will work out in your favor.

Real Time Stock Screener

You can also utilize a function called the real time stock screener. This is something that investors use when they have specific interests as to where their money goes. Let’s say you are more inclined to trade with companies that are in technology. With a real time stock screener you can filter out the stocks that you aren’t interested in and see just the ones you like.

Norkon Pulse’s stock screener, showing all the stocks on the Oslo Stock Exchange base on technical RSI and ADX indicators

Also you can filter it in other ways. Some additional criteria that you can use would be the price, the dividend yield, price change and an average ROI. The idea behind a stock screener is that you can make decisions based on a set of certain criteria that you have chosen. The benefit? Instead of looking into a plethora of stocks, you can find ones much quicker that meet your needs.

A great financial news solution will provide you with the information to make decisions that can benefit your portfolio and your investments. It should give you current political, financial, and other random news as well as tools to make informed choices. With the right platform you should see your portfolio grow to heights that you’ve only imagined. Learn about your options and do your research, the journey should be fun.

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