Give your users the stock market data and editorial content they need to keep up with investment news and make better decisions

Stock market insights for everyone

Everyone should be able to understand the stock market.

Pulse enables media and news organizations to deliver the latest stock market news on mobile and desktop in a clear, consumable way for a broader audience and empowers individuals to become more independent and build confidence in making financial decisions without having to be a financial expert.


Increase in page views one year after switching to Pulse


Higher average time on site


More pages per visit

Pathways for revenue growth

Pulse provides unique audience and revenue growth pathways for media and news outlets. Media organizations can expand their readership and increase their subscription base, target and engage specific audience segments, such as the harder-to-reach youth reader, and bring more sticky traffic to their site. Pulse presents a number of possibilities for commercial partnerships without compromising the user experience.


Real-time financial market data discovery

Built on technology that integrates with any third-party market data provider and an engine that performs over one billion calculations daily, Pulse processes and pushes the latest numbers directly out to the newspapers’ platforms streaming in real time to readers.


Where finance meets journalism

Pulse is also integrated with AI that calculates algorithms for every market movement in real time to provide the latest market insights. This includes:

  • Automatic suggestions for interesting facts and topics with which editorial teams can enrich content.
  • Recap of a user’s portfolios and watchlists, emphasizing the most important market moves
  • Morning newsletter with a recap of what is relevant for the user based on their watchlist
  • Deeper context to movements by contextualizing them with historical events
  • Notifying users about important market moves through push-notification technology

Dive deeper into the data

Pulse provides readers with a wide set of customizable tools for data discovery and visualization that enhances publishers’ editorial content. Intuitive graphical tools and logical charts give readers more ways to explore, monitor and analyze the financial market in real time as well as dive into market performance, trends and history to gain a better understanding and a complete picture of investment opportunities.

Personalizable Pulse

Readers can also make Pulse their own with personalized dashboard view, watchlists, alerts, graphical tools, newsfeed, and more.

Monitor the market 24/7

Readers can create customized alerts on specific instruments, entire industries, or even whole stock exchanges with Pulse’s real time alerts solution, with push notification directly to the phone or email. In addition to giving users a powerful tool for monitoring the market, alerts drive user engagement with the proven effect of increasing user revisits, average view time on your site, as well as alerting users when they should act to sell/buy based on rules they themselves have defined. These actions, in turn, lead to increased reader engagement and a boost in subscriber numbers for a greater return on investment overall.

Portfolio management

Subscribers can manage their own portfolio to learn how to invest and to follow the development of their favorite, hand-picked shares. With the portfolio management solution, users have the possibility to simulate and try out different investment strategies before testing it out in the market.

Pulse features

Market overview with available real-time data
Data-agnostic platform, integrating various data sources
Insight into all investable assets (funds, stocks, crypto, etc.)
App-compatible through webview or deeper integrations
Market monitoring 24/7 with customized alerts
Integrate with existing paywall and user management systems
Create and manage multiple portfolios across exchanges
Observe trends with technical analysis and technical signals
Identify investment opportunities with data exploration tools
News section for live coverage with Live Center or main CMS

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