Live Center

Live news reporting to break news first and engage with audiences in real time.

2x – 4x

More page views than regular articles


More ad impressions per page view than regular articles


More page views per live coverage vs competitor


Our clients cover live events 60% more after using Live Center

Break news live

Live Center is a live-reporting platform that allows editors to intuitively cover real-time events and breaking news, providing readers with up-to-the-second information. The platform also supports your monetization strategies, enabling publishers to display native or remote in-feed ads.

Cover live news your way

Due to a highly customizable live blog, Live Center uses your native look and feel and comes with numerous interactive features, such as social media automation or reader commenting, creating a rich reading experience.

Let your editorial team be one step ahead

Moving fast and breaking the latest news first is in journalists’ DNA. Live Center is a reliable and intuitive platform that enables real-time updates on the go, reaching your audience first.

Integrate with data providers

Live Center integrates with third-party data providers, whether these are sports data, financial market data, or others. This simplifies content writing and frees up editorial time, allowing journalists to focus on news feeds to share news instantly and accurately.

Live blogging for all types of news

Live Center is trusted by hundreds of media outlets across the globe to report on live events, live sports or other breaking news. Discover how Live Center might be a fit for you.

Live Center features

Custom themes
3rd party content feed integrations
Pull in real-time market data into your live feed
Highlight and pin key events
Social media integration
Live Q&A
Comment moderation
Image and video upload
Advanced ad functionality

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