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What Are The Benefits Of A News Live Blog?

Adding a live blogging strategy to your newsroom delivery is a unique way to dive into data-driven storytelling. It allows your readers to get up to speed on the latest news at a glance, resulting in an interactive experience that creates a connection and builds loyalty.

Make headlines

Gain traction on time-sensitive stories that inform and engage your audience. With real-time updates to breaking stories, your journalists can make headlines and establish themselves as a trusted source.

Build returning reader habits

Attract wide audiences to your headlines and your free content. Building returning reader habits establishes your brand amongst readers, increasing their likelihood to convert to subscribers.

Publish on the fly

Enable journalists to swiftly write and publish frequent live feed updates, ensuring that the latest information is available to readers while allowing journalists to focus on in-depth articles.

Optimized Reading Experience With Live Blogs

Break real-time news and make headlines

Live Center provides a flexible live-blogging platform for publishing live news, reporting on breaking stories, and enabling journalists to cover real-time news.

  • Break news as it happens 

    Serve live news events as they happen, beating competitors to the punch.
  • Enrich content

    Empower journalists to develop richer live blogs.
  • Customize your design

    Match up your live blog look with your brand.

Monetize with ads and subscription

  • Fuel ad revenue: Achieve increased revenue by implementing native or remote ads directly in your live blog.
  • Create exclusivity: Generate subscriber-only content and link them to your free live bog to lead readers towards the path to subscriptions.

Immersive stories with more data and content

  • Dive into data-driven storytelling: Integrate with automated news feeds for richer, deeper stories.
  • Immerse readers in the experience: Bring events and stories to life with data and in-demand features and functionality.

Stay up when your site goes down

Live Center Parachute has your back if your CDN, CRM or other critical components of your website infrastructure experience downtime. Discover more about our fallback solution and how it enables you to deliver content without interruption.

Empower Journalists to Publish With Speed and Precision

“Live blogging offers a straightforward way to deliver readers with continuous real-time updates without taking valuable time away from journalists’ core work or diminishing the input on the in-depth, high-quality content they produce. DN’s news studio effectively fulfilled this through the utilization of Live Center.

This solution empowers journalists to swiftly create and publish frequent updates, guaranteeing the availability of the most current information. As a result, users experience a sense of novelty with each visit to the site.”

– Dagens Næringsliv

Live Center features

Custom themes
3rd party content feed integrations
Pull in real-time data into your live feed
Highlight and pin key events
Social media integration
Comment moderation
Image and video upload
Advanced ad functionality

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