Norkon is forging strong alliances with leading technology providers to build an extensive tech ecosystem of integrations and connections. Our commitment is to deliver the most intuitive and user-friendly user experience to publishers and support the news and media industry to propel them to success.


iMatrics is a pioneer in AI-based auto-tagging, efficiently converting news content into metadata across all languages. By automatically analyzing and tagging content, iMatrics ensures that relevant material reaches the appropriate audience at the right time, making our tools an invaluable asset to the media industry. Our services are designed to be flexible and user-friendly, and each customer relationship is built on collaboration, innovation, and quality. With a focus on global expansion and customer-centric solutions, iMatrics is prepared to meet the ongoing needs of the media world.

Arc XP

Arc XP is a cloud-native digital experience platform that helps organizations across the globe create and distribute content, monetize websites and drive ecommerce, and deliver multichannel experiences. Arc XP’s integrated ecosystem of cloud-native tools features an agile content management system, a suite of digital subscription tools, built-in digital asset management and video platform, and a fully hosted and managed low-code front-end experience platform. Arc XP supports over 2,000 websites for customers in more than 25 countries.


With Oovvuu, the world’s video is inside your CMS where your team is already working. Editors no longer need to jump from CMS to video hub and back again. The old challenge of chasing engagement and revenue is replaced by Oovvuu’s one-click embed process enabling video publishing to happen at the “speed of news”. More than 1,700 videos published daily, meta-tagged and indexed to be easily searchable with newsroom to newsroom support 24/7 around the world.

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