Fantasy Funds

Attract, engage, retain and grow subscribers by gamifying the investing experience while increasing players’ confidence to invest in real life


18-34 years old, with limited investment experience


Increase in confidence and willingness to invest in the financial market

10s of 1000s

Attract tens of thousands of new players


Leverage gamification to power engagement and conversion

Fantasy Funds is a live stock market and portfolio management game that allows anyone to register and take part in a trading game and learn about portfolio management along the way.


Growth strategy: Convert players into subscribers

Through Fantasy Funds, news, media and financial services industries gain a straightforward and proven way to convert website visitors and players of all ages into subscribers. More than just a game, Fantasy Funds can be part of a media outlets’ and financial services’ growth and user engagement strategies.

Connect markets and news together

The game ties stock market and journalistic content together to augment the learning and information-sharing opportunity, helping players learn and get background information at the same time.

Learn, earn, reduce churn

The game uses engaging features and investor tools to let participants compose their own portfolio of stocks, interact with other players, create their own leagues with friends and compete for weekly and grand prizes to encourage continuous player engagement and competition.

Putting fun and confidence in finance

Players of all types benefit. Less mature investors can test their investing skills on a real-time market data platform without real risk. Survey results indicate that 70% of participants felt more confident about investing in real life after playing the game.

What Fantasy Funds brings
to customers

Three proven ways to monetize the solution to earn a high ROI

Convert subscribers and register users

  • Generate 10s of 1000s of newly registered users
  • Attract new subscribers – Tap into freemium conversion-ready features to gain new subscribers
  • Capitalize on existing premium content – Convert users at key points in the game

Sign commercial sponsorships

  • Sponsorship deals in excess of €100,000+ signed
  • Place banners and ads strategically in key locations throughout the platform
  • Tap into large marketing budgets of financial and investing companies

Generate advertising revenue

  • Expose ads to millions – Advertise across millions of page views generated
  • Gain ground with advertisers – Attract audiences interested in savings and investing

What Fantasy Funds brings
to players

Confidence to invest

70% were more willing to invest in the financial markets after playing Fantasy Funds compared to before

Building confidence through a combination of financial tools, news and hands-on education

Less than two minutes to onboard and start playing

Fantasy Funds features

Native look and feel
Support for unlimited number of players
Real-time market data platform
Investor analytical tools
Allow players to form player leagues
Offer weekly or grand prizes
Manage investment portfolios
Sponsorship opportunities

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