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Learn and master stock trading without the risk

Learn and master stock trading without the risk
Norkon Team
November 22, 2022

The FCA’s recent publication on the trend of gamify trading is a welcome warning to consumers, as it calls for caution and rightly highlights the risks and pitfalls for players.

Looking at solutions and apps offering gamification of stock trading, speculative all-in day trading is the norm in the majority of cases and a main component of the game’s dynamic.

Fantasy Funds, Norkon’s investment gamification solution, on the other hand, takes the approach of gamifying the investment experience rather than the speculation.

Here’s how Fantasy Funds distinguishes itself from comparable games:

  • No intraday trading – After players create their portfolio, their trades are queued up and executed the next market day at the official open price. No speculative day trading provided.

  • Portfolios are treated as an index – Players create their portfolios by setting a percentage exposure to a basket of shares they believe in. If a share in that portfolio increases or decreases in value, the game rebalances their portfolio automatically to retain the % asset allocation. Just like a risk-conscious investor would do.

  • Players must diversify – By selecting a minimum of five shares and investing a maximum of 25% of their portfolio in any one share.

  • Insight into industry exposure – Fantasy Funds shows the industry exposure of a player’s portfolio to increase awareness and to reduce the risk of a false sense of diversification.

  • Focus on liquid, mid-large cap shares – We set rules for minimum liquidity and market cap in all games we launch to expose players to unnecessary risks or volatility.

  • Learn from friends and family – Players can join private leagues where they can learn from friends and family, and not just by focusing on beating the market.

  • No frequent push notifications – We send players a weekly status summary of their portfolio and a reminder to check in on their portfolio if they’ve been inactive. That’s it – no celebratory owls or confetti explosions.

At its core, Fantasy Funds is all about learning and thoughtful investment, which is why the game runs in partnership with reputable publishers and sponsors

The TelegraphDagens industri, Dagbladet Børsen, and Dagens Næringsliv are all using Fantasy Funds as a solution to reach new audiences, but also as platform for introducing their editorial and journalistic content to these often-inexperienced investors to help them become more prudent, confident, and risk aware.

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