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How to evaluate a Financial News Platform

How to evaluate a Financial News Platform
Norkon Team
November 03, 2017

Investing is a topic that you either love or you hate.  Maybe you love it but are nervous about what information is out there, the most recent information, what to invest in, etc. It’s a place where you can look for investment tools to increase and manage your portfolio.

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What a Great Financial News Platform Should Incorporate

Having a great financial news platform will provide you with a multitude of investment tools to help make your money grow and help you make better choices. They should be running on a cloud that allows for all information to be saved and transmitted in real time. The stock data should be in real time and update continuously. There should be tools that can watch the stock and give you technical indicators as to what needs to be considered at that moment. There are also back testers that allow for determining if something will be a viable trade or not based on real time data. This is a benefit because then you are saving funds if there is a chance that it is a bad trade.

Some of the additional features that you want to look for is that you have the ability the calculate risk and manage your portfolio from wherever you are. While considering your trades and purchases you also should get the opportunity to visualize your entire portfolio not just part of it. It’s something that everyone should ensure they can see. Imagine only seeing less than a quarter of what you are working with in total, it can give a highly skewed view of what you can really do.

Streaming data and editorial coverage

When looking at a financial news platform take the time to really look through it. Is it easy to read and navigate, can you find what you are looking for?  If yes to those then you are on the right track. Also consider what other information they share. It could be business related, personal regarding how to save money on insurance (see, still about finances but a different venue) and just learn some fun interesting information regarding different businesses and such. Another thing that you want to consider when looking at financial news platforms is that you get information regarding politics as well. While many want to stay away from that, it plays a vital role in our ability to see where the money is going as well as trends because what happens in the government can play a significant role in what happens with your money.

When you get into finances you want to make sure that you have all the information handy, right at your fingertips. A great financial news platform will give you all of that and more in order to manage your money right. While some require a fee if you want more in-depth monitoring with your profile, some will allow you to just browse. It’s a decision that you have to make based on where you want your portfolio to go (and that’s usually up).

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