Financial market data portal, a Leading Fixed Income Market Platform, Goes Live for Nordic Trustee, a Leading Fixed Income Market Platform, Goes Live for Nordic Trustee
Christoffer Birch-Jensen
July 01, 2020

Built on core technology from Norkon’s Pulse platform,, a complete platform for Nordic fixed income market data and news, was launched earlier this spring for our newest Financial Services customer Nordic Trustee.

Nordic Trustee is bond trustee and loan agency provider with a leading position in the Nordic, offering services in bond services, loan administration, 3rd party services, and market data through Stamdata.

Stamdata provides bond reference data through feeds, consulting and advisory services, and web portals and have long been a key source of information in the Nordics for bond market participants.

When Nordic Trustee decided to upgrade their web portal, Norkon was engaged to investigate how their unique data set could be coupled with Norkon’s Pulse solution to offer an improved experience and analytical tools for Nordic Trustee’s customers.

Old Solution

New Bond Market Solution built for Nordic Trustee

Advanced Bond Market Statistics Module in

The final product,,  provides users a unique range of tools and features for analyzing, monitoring, and exploring bond and CP data. Users have access to a comprehensive set of new and improved functionality and more intuitive user interface.

Key features includes:

  • Personalized dashboard
  • Tailored marked news and notifications
  • Exploration and statistics
  • Rich issuers pages
  • Improved Default & Recovery functionality


Intuitive overview and filter capabilities for bond and fixed income information

To learn more about the new portal and explore all the new features, please visit

Visit to learn more about Pulse and how it can be used to process, analyze, and visualize market data and how it can be used to power solutions for Equity, Bond, and other types of financial data

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