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Journeying from ScribbleLive to Live Center

Journeying from ScribbleLive to Live Center
Norkon Team
March 27, 2023

ScribbleLive, also known as “Live”, is sunsetting. Recently, Rock Content announced the discontinuation of their live blogging software “Live” as part of their strategic refocus on purely content marketing solutions.

It was back in 2019 that Rock Content acquired ScribbleLive, a then widely used live blogging software platform that became Rock Content’s existing “Live” solution after the takeover.

Just like Live Center, “Live” addressed the news and media industry to help journalists deliver instant, live news updates to readers, however, RockContent felt that this was quite a side-step from their core activities and target audience.

Alternative live-blogging solutions and migration from ScribbleLive

In the face of ScribbleLive’s discontinuation, customers are naturally looking for alternatives. In a previous blog post “the 4 best live-blogging solutions for news & media” we looked at different live blogging solutions available on the market, which all come with their specialization.
In recent years, we have helped numerous customers migrate from ScribbleLive to Live Center, such as NTM or Gota Media, allowing customers to transfer previous content to the new platform using APIs. Based on our experience, we have created a migration plan to help organizations seamlessly move over to Live Center in under 30 minutes.

All you need at your fingertips

Live blogging, or live publishing, has become increasingly popular in recent years, providing newspapers and journalists with a tool to meet the demand for 24/7 news. Live Center is a best-in-class live-blogging platform that enables news and media publishers to publish live news and report on breaking stories as they happen.

You might wonder, what distinguishes Live Center from other live blogs?

Aside from being a highly flexible and highly customizable solution to appear like a natural extension of newspaper brands, Live Center is also very easy to use thanks to an intuitive editorial portal as well as a range of features that allow for a more immersive and personalized experience. Get the full overview here!

Some questions you might have around Live / ScribbleLive:

What is the end of life date for Live by Rock Center?

Live is available until December 2023, allowing for enough time for a hassle-free migration toward a new live-blogging platform.

How easy is it to migrate from Live to Live Center?

The migration process from Live to Live Center is fairly easy – the only thing that is needed are the API endpoints toward the different live blogs you wish to transfer.

Can I get Live Center’s support for the migration?

Absolutely! Our experts will assist you through the process and ensure that everything is set up as it should be.

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