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How to go “LIVE” with Google LiveBlogPosting

How to go “LIVE” with Google LiveBlogPosting
Norkon Team
August 24, 2022

How to go “LIVE” with Google LiveBlogPosting 

Get a red “live” label and increase visibility of your live blog content with Google live blogs markup schema

Is getting into Google’s Top Stories an important part of increasing the visibility of your live blog content? How can you get there and stay there? Google’s LiveBlogPosting markup schema is one key way to give your live blogging efforts a big boost. 


What is LiveBlogPosting schema?

Google’s LiveBlogPosting schema is a kind of markup that uses structured data to indicates to search engines that you are publishing content in real time, or live. This leads to, for example, the telltale “LIVE” tag that gets affixed to real-time content in Google searches. 

How? The markup schema lets publishers deliver a signal to search engines that the page in question is being updated at frequent intervals within a short period of time. For publishers of live blogs, LiveBlogPosting enables the closest-to-live coverage possible with continuous updates. 


Make your way to the top with LiveBlogPosting

Publishers and journalists using LiveBlogPosting structured data better position their articles for inclusion in Google’s Top Stories – every media outlet’s goal. 

Let’s say a journalist is posting live updates about a sporting event to a live blog. The journalist captures the play-by-play action, but will also want to ensure that each play is flagged with the all-important structured data to indicate each time the article is updated. LiveBlogPosting is the way to make this happen.

According to SEO firm, content that makes use of the LIveBlogPosting schema have improved visibility in search engine result pages, and publishers of all types use it extensively, especially for large events like the 2020 US presidential election.

With major upcoming sporting events like the 2022 FIFA World Cup on the horizon, competition for top-of-page coverage will be fiercer than ever. Live blogging the event and ensuring that content is being updated in real time increases your visibility to search engines and readers and can help lead to more traffic and opportunities to engage with new, wider audience groups.


Let live coverage roll: How to set up Live Center with the LiveBlogPosting schema

How can you get your live blog into Google’s Top Stories, looking a lot like this?

The complete schema can be found here:, and for a complete how-to, visit the Live Center documentation page.

If it’s time for your organization to go live with live blogging, get in touch for a free trial!


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