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Pulse enables inclusion of real-time financial data in your editorial content and delivers more conversion opportunities, turning readers into subscribers.

Fantasy Funds

Fantasy Funds lets you run intuitive, educational, and risk-free investing competitions and games to gain new users and players.

Live Center

Live Center combines real-time blogging with up-to-the-second financial and market data, powering instant, fresh news feeds and breaking news.

Gamifying investment in financial markets

Gamify with Fantasy Funds

Gamifying investment in financial markets gives users a risk-free way to learn about saving and investing.

Fantasy Funds is a live stock market and portfolio management game that delivers a gamified learning opportunity for users at the same time as giving financial services companies, financial media organizations and educational institutions the ability to provide hands-on user education and user engagement and conversion strategies.

real-time stock market and financial data

Real-time market data with Pulse

Bringing real-time stock market and financial data together with editorial content and insight delivers opportunities for quality journalism and analysis for readers to better understand market trends and developments.

Pulse is a real-time financial news platform that enables media and news organizations to deliver the latest market news in a consumable, customizable and visual way for a broader audience. Pulse offers editorial tools for journalists, including everything from AI that automatically suggests content to editors to tools for data discovery and visualization to enhance publishers’ content.

Cover market news live with live-blogging solutions

Cover market news live with Live Center

The markets wait for no one, and being able to publish live, constant market news, insight and analysis makes a stickier, more engaging page.

Live Center is a highly customizable live-blogging solution that uses your native look, feel and brand to deliver breaking news in real time. With interactive features to engage and convert users and technology to augment journalists’ content, such as AI-powered suggestions and real-time financial data, Live Center helps financial media keep their finger on the pulse of financial news.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fantasy Funds

Game play

Gamification benefits

Game development

Can I run a Fantasy Funds stock market game at my bank / financial institution?

Yes, Fantasy Funds is ideal for running stock market games for banks and financial institutions.

Can anyone play a Fantasy Funds game?

When you set up a Fantasy Funds game, it is up to you who will be able to play. Different combinations are possible depending on your objectives. You can open up the first game season to anyone and allow only subscribers to play the next round, or limit the number of portfolios or tools to free players and give more advantages to existing customers, and so on. Fantasy Funds is flexible to meet your financial gamification needs.

How long does one Fantasy Funds game typically last?

Typically a game lasts between 8 and 24 weeks. The duration is set based on your preference.

Why should I introduce a Fantasy Funds game to potential players?

Financial literacy is a great hook for attracting new customers or expanding the footprint of existing customers. Gamifying financial literacy, making learning fun, motivates and incentivizes users to continue playing. Games are sticky and allow for incremental learning that leads to greater engagement. 

For players, participating in a Fantasy Funds game has been shown to boost a user’s willingness to invest in markets by 70% compared to before they took part in a game. It is a risk-free opportunity to test out investment theories and strategies. Playing the game builds confidence through the combination of financial tools, news, hands-on education and potential rewards through incentivizing consistent play. 

What type of prizes and incentives are supported?

We have extensive experience in optimizing prizes to maximize the number of players and engagement in the game. For example, combining grand prizes with weekly prizes as well as league prizes. We are happy to advise you. 

How do we attract players to the game?

Players are attracted through a combination of organic SEO visibility, on-platform visibility, i.e., your website and platforms, and ads (we provide recommendations for advertising). Please contact us to discuss how we can maximize the reach and engagement your game generates.

What type of instruments does the game support? Only stocks or can other instrument types also be supported?

Fantasy Funds can support many different types of financial instruments including stocks, cryptocurrencies, funds, ETFs, etc. These instruments can either be sourced from our own market data provider or using your existing or preferred data provider. Please contact us for more information about market data.

What business benefits will gamification through Fantasy Funds deliver, i.e., what is the return on investment?

Fantasy Funds games have proven that they can be successfully monetized for a significant ROI. 

Monetization strategies are realized through: 

  • Conversion of subscribers and registration of new users. Fantasy Funds is a conversion machine, guiding users through your subscription funnel.
  • Large-scale commercial sponsorship deals. Fantasy Funds is ideal for the placement of banners and ads in key locations within the platform. 
  • Advertising exposure and revenue across millions of generated page views
How long does it take to develop and launch a Fantasy Funds game?

While development and launch of a game varies depending on your needs, usually from the moment we start planning until game launch, development typically takes about 12 weeks.

Can Fantasy Funds integrate with my existing market data and license?

Yes, Fantasy Funds integrates with your existing market data provider.

Can my Fantasy Funds game be differentiated and branded – how?

Fantasy Funds offers flexible development to create a native look and feel, so you can a white-labeled experience for your own games.

Do we have to run the game ourselves?

No, Norkon implements, hosts, and manages the game. It is 100% independent and bolt-on.

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