We help publishers generate new streams of revenue


Turn your market pages into a platform for market analysis

Establish new revenue, claim market leadership and add value to your subscription offering

Live Center

Use live feeds to cover breaking events and financial markets

Attract readers interested in continuous coverage of unfolding events - such as markets, sports events and elections


Let your readers dive into data and market coverage. High engagement, responsive and with it's separate revenue stream.

Tie together journalism with real time market data

Display market data in real time and enrich it with journalistic commentary to create market leading coverage of financial markets

Engaging investment tools and advanced visualizations

Enrich your market coverage with live data for stocks and financial instruments.

A step by step subscription conversion strategy

Improves your overall subscription conversion strategy, by providing an entry point that allows you to cross sell targeted users.

Live data from world markets and a spinning map projection

What is Pulse?

Pulse is two things : First, it is a platform for delivering the next generation market pages. Second, it is a new way for publishers to build revenue and drive subscription conversion.

At its core, Pulse is a platform designed to be a replacement or improvement of market pages of publishers. Built on top of Norkon InvestAgg engine, Pulse delivers real-time data through lists, charts, advanced analysis tools and rich insights to users. Pulse brings your market coverage to the next level. You might opt to keep your old market pages, letting your Pulse implementation co-exist with existing market pages for an indefinite period. This brings down risk.

The InvestAgg / Pulse stack consists of many components, and we will customize a product to your needs by adding and removing features as needed. The full stack of features is in use on the Norwegian newspaper DN. You may see for yourself at (in Norwegian).

Pulse provides advanced dynamic charts with live streaming data. This gives a browser and mobile experience that previously was only available in expensive desktop applications.


The principal design goals for the project were to offer real-time calculations of many low level financial indicators that many investors use. The InvestAgg engine is able to calculate how each single trade affects all dependent variables, which translates into updated values for more than 300 aggregates and derivative signals every second. Many traders use such signals in addition to the market coverage provided by news sites and providers such as Bloomberg. Pulse integrates your market coverage, and pushes this data to devices where it is visualized in unprecedented ways.

Existing paywall (1) is too high for many readers, and response to it has become automated. Market pages cater to a smaller group, but with a sharper value proposition. A lower paywall (2) brings the user on board, realizing some revenue. As a Pulse subscriber, tailored cross-selling calls to action (4) convert users to the flagship all-inclusive subscription.


Access to these tools and data for readers of financial news is an attractive proposition for both hobby and professional investors alike. With Pulse, the publisher is faced with a choice of how to integrate with existing products. Two choices are possible, either establishing an entry-level subscription, or to bundle the advanced features of Pulse with its flagship all inclusive subscription. In both situations, careful targeting of users of the new service provides excellent targeting data, allowing the publisher to up its conversion game.

The platform can integrate with your subscription management system using a connector, and will feed niche products such as real-time data and premium tool access into your subscription pipeline. At Norkon, we want to give value to publishers and readers where it counts. That means revenue for publishers and great tools and insights for end users.

Pulse features

How Pulse makes business sense to publishers

  • Overtake your competition with engaging market coverage

    Engage your readers in new ways, grow your reader base, and overtake your competition. Pulse lets you make market pages a core part of your digital product offering

  • Non-cannibalising growth

    Already have market pages? Customers who have implemented Pulse have seen that traffic on their old market pages has remained strong even as Pulse has grown by double digits each month. So why not keep them both to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Journalism and data synergy

    News and stories become richer and more engaging with live data. Let market reactions add context and depth to the story.

  • Add a new stream of revenue

    Get more revenue by implementing Pulse market pages as a separate service. Continue cross selling to existing subscribers

  • Optimize conversion

    Reduce signup and order friction by lifting the user up one step at a time. Pulse helps you build conversion flows that focus on what is relevant to the user in the moment.

  • Get around the automated “no”

    When you offer your reader the same subscription message over and over, readers acquire an automated response to it. Try offering them something else for a change.

  • Cross-selling from known demographics

    Cross- and upselling is easier because you know something about what users want. Users of Pulse have one thing in common - they are interested in stock markets. Use this to create tailored call to actions.

  • Bundle it with your premium subscription

    Alternatively, you can bundle Pulse with your premium subscription, to help entice more non-paying readers.

Get in touch!

Investor has been successful in attracting traffic and already produces significant revenue from dedicated subscriptions. We have developed different bundling strategies for inducing subscription conversion - and we're happy to share what we have learned. Please contact us for a demo and answers to any questions you may have.

We are eager to tell you about our experiences from the Norwegian market, to learn more about you and what is different in your local market.

Norkon Live Center

Real time coverage of unfolding events, with extensions for specific event types such as sports and elections.

Real time publishing and editing

Be the first to comment on news by quickly publishing a flash post, then edit the published post in real time with no interruption to build out content and engage readers

Show readers that your coverage is truly live

Attract and engage readers by prioritizing posts in channels, linking them to a topic, and relate them to older content to keep them on you site for longer periods of time

Unlimited extensionality

Live Center is easily embedded into your existing site and allows the use of custom extensions

Live Center

Live Center is a powerful tool for setting up and delivering content to live feeds in real time. It can be embedded anywhere on your website to create a dedicated channel of live posts.

Live Center allows you to quickly publish content directly through dedicated channels. Posts can be previewed as they are written and published posts can be edited in real time without disrupting media and content already shared with readers. Live Center is a state-of-the-art publishing solution with features such as:

  • Automatic tagging, prioritization and categorization of content
  • Intuitive interface with a powerful and responsive editor
  • Support for embedded media such as Twitter, YouTube, and much more


The Live Center API allows you to use the editor and integrate the public presentation layer as a module in your current publishing systems. This allows users to start publishing from Live Center from Day 1. The intuitive editor, battle tested since day one, requires little to no training for users.


Live Center can be extended by custom plugin for specific types of live reporting. These can be added as JavaScript objects through Live Center’s extension manager. Extensions can be created for:

  • Sports events
  • Live markets coverage
  • Elections and other breaking news scenarios