Cryptocurrency Investment gamification

Gamify cryptocurrency investing with Fantasy Funds

Gamify cryptocurrency investing with Fantasy Funds
Tiancheng Chang
September 08, 2022

Gamify cryptocurrency investing to boost awareness and generate new wallets

Is anything more buzzy but confusing than the mystifying and seemingly complex world of crypto and digital currencies, tokenization and digital assets? As curiosity among would-be investors grows, how can these challenges be overcome to create new crypto investors?

Cryptocurrency gamification can lead to a rush of new investors and new wallet conversions, and the demystification of digital assets as a whole.

Gamification: Taming the wild west of crypto

Cryptocurrency markets and digital assets have, rightfully, been the subject of much interest and debate. Volatile, decentralized and unregulated to the point that beginner to crypto investing can be vulnerable to crypto scams, the territory is ripe for education. How can crypto news sites and exchange platforms help to educate their potential customers to encourage informed, legitimate crypto investing?

Gamifying crypto investment creates a path to taming the wild unknown and making crypto use a more everyday activity for all kinds of crypto investors. We are all, as a New York Times article argued, crypto people now – and digital currencies are considered a viable, mainstream investment vehicle.

Tapping into the love for gaming

People, particularly the young, are curious about crypto and digital currencies as well as different non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but they are generally more interested in gaming. Marrying the two – satisfying the curiosity and creating engaging crypto learning games and experiences – can kickstart growth in the number of people actively investing in and learning about crypto in reality.

Gamified learning ratchets up the excitement and engagement of more static learning – giving players more interaction and incentive to continue.

Why gamify crypto?

But what more can information sites and exchange platforms do to make gamified crypto attractive to users? And what benefits do the sites and platforms get in return? Why run a crypto game?

Launching a Fantasy Funds crypto game gets users to register and then engage in competition, potentially for prizes or other financial rewards (whatever the game runner wants to offer) to incentive continued play. These registered users are well-informed, high-value leads that can be monetized.

For digital asset and crypto media outlets, crypto gaming offers the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your reputation as trusted influential crypto and digital asset information platform

  • Increase readership or convert subscribers, leading to more engagement and monetization possibilities

  • Potentially partner with exchanges to deliver more new, active digital asset wallets to crypto exchanges

  • Educate players about cryptocurrencies, web3 topics, investing, or other areas of your business

For crypto exchanges, or other participants and actors in the ecosystem, gamifying crypto investment can lead to:

  • Gaining, converting and activating new users and more wallets

  • Participating in informing a wider audience about the value of virtual assets through gaming experiences

  • New monetization possibilities

Gamification for real-world learning and rewards

Video games have overtaken traditional games in terms of fun – and digital ownership of virtual assets is beginning to overtake real-world assets … or at least they’re being seen as high-value assets with potential for real-world rewards.

Build your crypto game experience, attract your players, and let the games begin!

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