Fantasy Funds

Leveraging gamification to help media companies engage with a younger audience, bridge the financial literacy gap, and convert users into paying subscribers

What is Fantasy Funds?

Fantasy Funds is a risk-free financial literacy tool for the broader audience to learn how to invest in the stock market.

By composing your own portfolio of stocks, socially interact, and create your own leagues, you compete for weekly and grand prizes.

Read more below how Fantasy Fund Manager helps media companies increase subscribers & subscription revenue.
  • The game was free for all and had a grand prize worth NOK 100,000.
  • DN’s goal was to achieve 10,000 players, the result was 21,400 i.e., 114% higher than anticipated.
  • The game managed to acquire 10,000 new DN-user accounts within 6 weeks. Approx. 50% of all game participants.
  • The 21,400 players generated more than 10.5m page views on
  • The Fantasy Funds newsletter became the 2nd most popular newsletter in 10 weeks.
  • 24% of players were 25 or younger and most active group.
2x Award winning Solution
  • TMG have launched three Fantasy Funds. First game was free for all to play. Second game was only for subscribers. The first prize was £5,000 in cash for best performing fund and a weekly prize of £1,000 for best weekly performing fund.
  • First game TMG’s goal was to achieve 10,000 players, the result ended at 14,500 i.e. 45% increase.
  • Second game for subscribers only ended up with 6,000 players, with a strong conversion to paying subscribers.
  • Check out The Telegraph´s YouTube video campaign and see the game in action.
  • Game with Dagbladet Børsen was free for all.
  • Goal was to achieve 50,000 portfolios, the result was 67,800 portfolios i.e. 35% increase.
  • Achieved commercial partnership with tier 1 investor platform.
  • 30-40% increase in the total number of page-views to financial news section.

Why does financial gamification engage younger generations?

There are several reasons why the younger generations are increasingly interested in the stock market. Low-interest rates, social media, the pandemic, in addition to an increase of low-commission stock trading platforms are some factors that have contributed to a “rush” of younger shareholders.

Our data indicate that it is a strong correlation between financial literacy and participation in the stock market. Fantasy Funds gamifies investing in the stock market and ties journalistic content together to increase engagement with users. This enables less mature investors to try out their investing skills on a real-time market data platform without having any real capital at risk.

We have learned through several user surveys that Fantasy Funds has increased financial literacy in terms of following the overall economy, boosting investor confidence in terms of converting the portfolio into an actual real money investment. This has helped increase subscription revenue amongst a new younger audience for media companies.

Fantasy Funds insights (survey by Dagens Næringsliv)

70% stated they are more willing to invest after playing Fantasy Funds

The majority of players was in a younger age group and more women (23%)

62% of players did not have a DN subscription

20% of all shareholders are new since Jan 2019

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