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Competing with Giants on a Modest Budget

Competing with Giants on a Modest Budget
Norkon Team
December 04, 2023

Competing with Giants on a Modest Budget

Diving into the potent fusion of short-form text and short-form video

The modern newsroom faces a unique challenge: competing with the immediacy of live news channels and the sprawling reach of social media. On a normal news day, an astounding 80% of website traffic will come from just 20% of stories, primarily within the first 20 minutes of publication. When a live news event happens, much of that traffic comes from one or a handful of stories.

News article live span
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The race is on to win over audiences

With 80% of news traffic concentrated on the first 20 minutes of a publication, the race is on from the moment the story breaks.

Adding to this pressure is the complexity of modern readers’ preferences for short-form videos and concise texts. A recent report from Arc XP on news consumption preferences shows that the contemporary reader leans heavily toward short-form video, with short-form text ranking second. In other words, publishers can increase the likelihood of their news stories drawing eyeballs when concise text is combined with a compelling video to produce the most sought-after news content.

Gen Z news consumption preferences
The State of Publisher Audiences, by Digiday & Arc XP

Recipe to success: how to secure a portion of the market share

Now that the formula has been laid out let’s fill in the blanks.


As exemplified by reputable news sources such as the BBC, the Guardian, or Sky News, a dynamic and engaging method of delivering breaking news swiftly and in short-form text is through a live blog. This approach enables a continuous flow of fresh updates, allowing for the rapid dissemination of easily shareable information. Live Center‘s platform, for example, is finely tuned for this sprint by enabling newsrooms to rapidly produce articles that capture and retain the fleeting attention of readers while staying ahead in the competitive race of news reporting.

Nevertheless, the capacity of text to convey information has its limitations; the incorporation of rich and compelling media is crucial for truly engaging storytelling. Aligned with contemporary consumer preferences, videos have emerged as an integral component of the modern newsroom. In an era where misinformation runs rampant, readers don’t just want to read that something is happening, they want to see it for themselves.

This is where the combination of live-blogging tools like Live Center and a video platform like Oovvuu shine.

Relevant video with a sustainable model for publishers

A video platform like Oovvuu revolutionizes the integration of video into the newsroom. By enabling publishers to swiftly find and embed the most relevant videos to their content, a platform like Oovvuu breaks down the barriers traditionally associated with video production—cost, complexity, and time.

The combination of Live Center and Oovvuu transforms the way news is delivered by enabling journalists to cover unfolding events with speed and ease akin to texting a friend – supported by a professional news video from around the world at an affordable price.

This partnership ensures that trusted, high-quality video content can be a staple for any publisher, offering an enriched narrative that builds trust with audiences at an unmatched speed and scale.

Example of publisher leveraging live blog and video

The Winning Combination for Reader Engagement

The integration of short-form videos into live blogs isn’t just a value-add; it’s a strategic move aligned with consumer demand. By combining rapid text updates with engaging video content, publishers can leverage the initial surge of interest, driving traffic and providing readers with the exact format they prefer.

As we embrace the future of news, it’s clear that speed, accuracy, visual impact, and accessibility are non-negotiable for success. Live Center and Oovvuu are at the forefront of this evolution, empowering publishers to deliver news that’s not only immediate and engaging but also in the perfect format to satisfy the modern reader’s appetite for quick, visual storytelling.

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