Turn your financial market pages into a new source of revenue

Grow your digital subscriptions by providing readers with an innovative financial news platform powered by real-time data.

Tie together journalistic content with real time market data

Enrich your editorial and journalistic content with real-time market data to create the premier platform for financial news and market analysis.

Add engaging investment tools and advanced visualizations

Increase view time, revisits, unique visitors and convert them to paying subscribers by providing your readers with tools for exploring, analyzing, and monitoring markets.

Grow your subscriber base

Grow your revenue and strengthen your brand by offering a digital product complete and powerful enough to be offered as a stand alone subscription.

The next generation market page

Pulse is a complete platform for delivering the next generation of financial market news to readers by merging journalistic content with streaming real-time data.

Generate new streams of revenue

Pulse is designed from the ground up to be a monetized digital product. Developed with great flexibility in where a paywall will be erected, and powerful enough to be offered as its own subscription offering.

Pulse transforms Dagens Næringsliv’s stock market pages

White labeled as Investor, Norkon’s complete financial news platform Pulse was implemented at DN.  
Powered by Real-time stock data and offering readers Market Monitoring, Stock Screener, Portfolio, and Technical indicators DN created a new digital subscription specifically for Pulse

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Value proposition of the Pulse platform

  • Overtake your competition with engaging market coverage

    Engage your readers in new ways, grow your reader base, and overtake your competition. Pulse lets you make market pages a core part of your digital product offering

  • Non-cannibalising growth

    Already have market pages? Customers who have implemented Pulse have seen that traffic on their old market pages has remained strong even as Pulse has grown by double digits each month. So why not keep them both to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Journalism and data synergy

    News and stories become richer and more engaging with live data. Let market reactions add context and depth to the story.

  • Add a new stream of revenue

    Get more revenue by implementing Pulse market pages as a separate service. Continue cross selling to existing subscribers

  • Optimize conversion

    Reduce signup and order friction by lifting the user up one step at a time. Pulse helps you build conversion flows that focus on what is relevant to the user in the moment.

  • Get around the automated “no”

    When you offer your reader the same subscription message over and over, readers acquire an automated response to it. Try offering them something else for a change.

  • Cross-selling from known demographics

    Cross- and upselling is easier because you know something about what users want. Users of Pulse have one thing in common - they are interested in stock markets. Use this to create tailored call to actions.

  • Bundle it with your premium subscription

    Alternatively, you can bundle Pulse with your premium subscription, to help entice more non-paying readers.