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Markets Hub
Tailored for the British stock market, providing an engaging stock market experience for The Telegraph’s readers.

The Telegraph Media Group, a leading UK Media Group, wanted to strengthen their digital brand and grow their reader base by launching a new Stock Market News platform.

Working closely with The Telegraph, Norkon created a new stock market platform, powered by Norkon Pulse and Norkon Live Center, containing shares from the London Stock Exchange and key global indices, currencies, and commodities.


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DN Investor

Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian Business Daily), Norway’s largest financial newspaper, wanted an innovative financial news platform to strengthen their digital brand and support their shift to a subscription-based revenue model.

DN wanted to
  • Innovate their financial news coverage
  • Generate a new source of revenue
  • Reduce subscriber churn
  • Attract a younger segment of readers

The solution was an full implementation of Norkon Pulse powered by streaming real-time stock data and providing readers with powerful features, and Norkon Live Center providing DN’s journalists with a live blogging solution to cover breaking news in real-time.

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La Información, part of Henno Media Group, is an up-and coming Spanish newspaper with an aggressive digital strategy.

La Información has built a crisp new website to compete in the Spanish market. To support the new website and strategy, Norkon built a lean version of our Norkon Pulse platform, “Pulse Dashboard”.

Pulse Dashboard edition, branded “Mercatia”, consist of the overview page with instrument lists, market overview and the Norkon Live Center news feed. This allow La Información to begin coverage of the markets at a higher level at first, with the option of easily adding on tools and features to the platform over time.

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Tailored for the renewable energy market, Greenfact covers a continuously changing market.

Greenfact is a leading provider of the latest news, analysis, data and tools within the Renewable Energy market.

With their insight in the renewable energy market, and our expertise in real time technology and visualization of data, we built a renewable energy version of the Norkon Pulse platform.

The platform contains a market overview, real time prices, daily news, historical data (El-cert, Certificate, GOs and more), market insights for a broad range of countries, tailored analysis and much more.

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Additional projects

Upstream – Global Oil and Gas news outlet

Providing readers with real-time commodity prices

Upstream is a premier Oil and Gas news source covering everything related to the energy sector around the world. They wanted a instrument panel on their front page that showed streaming, real-time commodity prices.

Because they wanted control of how the panel’s design, and be able to update it themselves over time, they needed a flexible and easy-to-use API

Norkon provided Upsteam with an API of six key instruments, scalable and robust enough to support thousands of concurrent connecting, while allowing them to display the prices exactly how they wanted.

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Huseiernes Landsforbund

Communicating with data is engaging - and the reason is simple. Data driven visualization is all about allowing the user to self-select information that is relevant to him or her.

In this example, price information relating to utilities, cost of living and municipal taxes were combined in a self-service platform informing users about their cost of living.

A great example of how data-driven journalism - or an engaging marketing campaign - can be created from in public data sets

  • Users self-select variables to compare
  • Visualizations show the relative position of each municipality

Visit Huseiernes Bokostnadsindeks → is Norway’s largest and most recognized search engine for detailed company information. They wanted an intuitive search function for looking up all the shareholders in Norway, based on data gathered from the Norwegian Tax Department.

Norkon delivered a fast and innovative service that allows for searching for and viewing direct, and indirect, ownership of shares - both as a table and as a visual result.

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Brokerage system for renewable energy certificates

Cleanworld is a leading renewable energy brokerage house specializing in green energy certificates on the European markets. Cleanworld came to Norkon with a goal to optimize their trading and back office process through a more seamless service.

Their previous system was heavily reliant on spreadsheets which required time consuming manual tasks resulting in risk for errors, and providing only limited reporting capabilities.

Designed in close collaboration with Cleanworld, Norkon designed and developed a flexible and modular new solution which resulted in:

  • Significant time savings by reducing manual tasks
  • Reduced risk for errors
  • Improved data quality leading to improved reporting capabilities and insights

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