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7 Unique Examples of Publishing Software

7 Unique Examples of Publishing Software
Norkon Team
July 27, 2023

7 Unique Examples of Publishing Software Programs

The publishing industry has always been an intensely competitive space. Fueled by the rise of social media and self-publishing and driven by an accelerating shift toward digital platforms, publishers today need to work even harder to make a lasting impression.

How to bring innovation to the industry? The answer lies in embracing the modern tools that are redefining the publishing landscape.

Thanks to new digital tools and platforms, publishers are expediting their editorial review processes, delivering better quality content in less time. They also have the ability to incorporate features from drag-and-drop multimedia interfaces to smart, collaborative tools. As a result, these resources enhance the quality of publications while saving precious editorial time.

Let’s explore some of these unique publishing software programs available today.

Publishing Tools

In the simplest terms, digital publishing platforms are tools that can be used for creating, editing, and sharing online content. While their features vary, their primary goals remain traffic generation, engagement improvement and performance tracking metrics.

7 Examples of Publishing Software Programs

The objective of publishing software is to support editors in their quest to engage readers with high-quality content. By adopting and implementing digital tools and resources, publications have the opportunity to:

  • Create a streamlined, focused internal workflow
  • Remain relevant and uphold industry standards
  • Build reader habits and a loyal following

Various tools, apps, and resources are available online that promise to enhance prose, improve workflows, and facilitate team collaboration. To help you navigate through the relevant solutions, we’ve compiled a list of the most potent tools your publishing business can implement immediately to stay ahead of the curve.

Editing Improvement Software

1. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a web-based or downloadable app that’s used for enhancing writing style and clarity. It uses color coding to identify complex sentences, complicated ideas, overuse of adverbs, and passive voice.

Hemingway app
Source: Hemingway app

Interactive Multimedia Software

2. Magloft

Magloft is an all-in-one digital publishing platform that helps optimize content. It has the power to digitize print content into customizable, interactive apps optimized for different devices.

Source: Magloft

3. Calameo

Calameo also assists in creating and publishing shareable ebooks, brochures, and magazines from uploaded PDFs. With options for on-screen customization, publishers are able to design, plan, and schedule articles in advance.

Source: Calameo

Team Collaboration Software

4. Hightail

Hightail aids team collaboration by focusing on communication and reducing admin tasks. Features include real-time chats, version control, and freehand annotations. It also allows for simple and secure file sharing, precise feedback collection, and previews of visual assets.

Source: Hightail

5. Biblio Suite

Biblio Suite is another workflow management tool that’s used for publishing. Its most notable features allow you to keep track of metadata, forecasting, and business intelligence all in one easily accessible solution.

Source: Biblio Suite

6. Submittable

Submittable is an online submission software that centralizes receiving and tracking incoming work. It allows you to track applications, analyze data, streamline workflows, discover fresh talent, and create easy online forms.

Source: Submittable

Live Blog Software

7. Live Center

Live Center is live-blogging software for the news and media industry with a fully customizable toolkit that empowers organizations having unique editorial requirements to deliver a fully optimized user experience, without the costs of building from scratch.

Regardless of whether you focus on reporting, sports, political or financial news, Live Center’s flexible live blog allows publications to meet the growing demand for real-time updates.

With flexible features that can be adapted to most verticals, Live Center helps maximize media efficiency while improving overall engagement and revenue.

Live Center flexibility
Source: Live Center

The benefits of using flexible publishing software

Benefits of modular publishing software

Strategy Testing Tools

One of the benefits of using a modular set of tools for publishing is that you can monitor your online content and replace software depending on your business needs. Metrics help simplify tracking while optimizing user experience. Moreover, acquired data offers crucial insights that can shape future content and campaigns, including:

  • Reader demographics
  • Engagement metrics
  • Click-through ratios

These can further be leveraged for commercial partnerships and ad placements.

Multimedia Options

Today, digital publishing tools offer numerous possibilities that go beyond written content alone. Online platforms facilitate the sharing of a variety of content types with your audience, allowing your content strategy to include:

  • Images and infographics
  • Social media posts
  • Video content
  • Live chats and polls
  • Podcasts and audio
  • Interactive elements

Targeted CTAs

Digital publishing provides journalists with the ability to reach broader audiences with targeted messages for specific niches or demographics. These tools make it easy to utilize calls-to-action (CTAs), relevant ads, and pop-ups within content for personalized audience engagement. You can craft content based on specific keywords that resonate with their target audience, providing maximal value in your industry or niche.

Revenue Strategies

Digital publishing yields a wider range of revenue generation options than traditional publishing. Aside from different subscription models, digital publishing platforms are also able to benefit from other strategies, such as affiliate linking and organic search for greater exposure and reach with minimal expenditure.

A Live Blog Tailored To Your Needs

Live Center offers a variety of flexible publishing software packages tailored to meet diverse needs – whether you are a smaller news publisher looking to get started with live blogging immediately, or a larger media house owning numerous newspaper brands.

The “Basic” package allows publishers to get started with live blogging right away, including up to three new active live blogs per month and access to a gallery of pre-made live blog themes, the ability to embed social media content, a sports scoreboard feature, and comment moderation. This package is ideal for those looking for a simple, easy-to-use publishing platform.

The “Premium” package addresses publishers who also have more specific requirements.

Additional features include one custom-made live blog theme, the ability to upload custom icons, highlight key events, live Q&A functionality, publication on multiple domains, and integration with advertising solutions, such as Google AdSense.

The “Enterprise” package is the most customizable offer you can get, based on your specific needs. This package offers automated data feed integration, such as sports data, access to Live Center APIs, and Content Management System (CMS) integration. You can also request specific features to fit your unique requirements. Additionally, a team of experts remains available to support you through a dedicated Slack channel, chat, phone, and 24-hour email service.

Lastly,  Live Center Parachute is a unique stand-alone solution for those seeking a safe fallback solution to ensure you keep publishing even if your servers or other pieces of infrastructure are down. It offers flexible customization, integration with your existing CMS, and can be integrated with any live blog solution. Parachute continuously syncs your last 20 blog posts and allows quick publishing of instant, live news, even in a website outage situation. The control level of criticality can also be tailored to meet your specific needs.

No matter the scale or nature of your publishing needs, Live Center has a software package to suit you.

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