Pulse Features

The most advanced financial news platform on the market, Pulse offers a range of tools to engage readers and convert them to paying subscribers.

Mobile friendly

Pulse is built mobile-first and renders beautifully on mobile and tablet devices.

All tools and features are designed to be intuitive for readers to use on-the-go as well as on desktop.

Real-time stock market data

Having access to the latest stock news, prices, and financial information is crucial for readers interested in business news, investing and financial markets. Pulse is the only financial news platform on the market built that provides readers with real-time, zero-delay, stock data.

Markets at a glance

Financial markets change fast. Pulse provides readers with tools and features to quickly get an overview of what's happening in the markets.

Norkon's interactive Markets Globe, Gainers & Losers, Sectors, and latest triggered technical signals are just of few of Pulse's innovative tools.

Live markets news feed

With access to Live Center, Norkon's liveblogging solution, journalists, market analysts, and newsdesk are able to provide readers with a continuous live feed of the latest market and business news.

Posts are automatically tagged with the relevant stocks to merge editorial content with real-time price data which creates the ultimate source for financial & investment news.

With our News Overview, you automatically generate a summary of the most important topics and instruments in the feed. Readers can filter news by tags, instruments, and dates to find the topics and companies that matter the most to them.

Intuitive and interactive stock pages

Follow every stock tick, and watch buy and sell orders in real-time on Pulse's engaging stock pages.

Each page contains all the information readers need about a stock including.

  • Price, last trades and order depth
  • Technical indicators and levels
  • Company news feed and announcement
  • Brokerage recommendations
  • Fundamentals, key numbers, and future estimates
  • Insiders, largest shareholders, and short positions
  • Financial calendar

Technical analysis & indicators

Provide your readers with intuitive tools for technical analysis, correlation, and trend analysis of any type of instrument.

Pulse was built to cater to all levels of investors and readers, therefore our technical indicators explains:

  • What the indicator predicts (e.g. momentum or trend) and;
  • If the current level suggests a trigger of the indicator or not

Real-time alerts

Pulse is the only financial news solution on the market which allows readers to set up real-time alerts. Other financial news platforms only trigger alerts at the end of the day, when it is too late for readers and investors to take action.

Empowering readers to take action in real-time, with no delay, based on technical, fundamental, or stock news gives you a clear advantage over other competing news sources. Alerts are also a great driver of reader revisits and conversion of readers to paying subscribers.


  • Should I invest in a portfolio of IT stocks?
  • How would a set of IT stocks have performed compared to the index?
  • If I sold my stocks last month, how would my portfolio have performed?

Our portfolio tool allows readers to try out their investment strategies, ideas, and hypothesis to see how they would have materialized. Trades can be entered, exited, and both realized and unrealized results are summarized intuitively.

Stock screener

With thousands of stocks available how do you determine which ones you should look closer into?

Our real-time stock screener allows readers to identify stocks based on:

  • fundamental analysis (revenue, profit, P/E, etc.)
  • technical analysis (RSI, Stochastic, etc.)
  • correlation with other benchmarks (index, oil, gold,et.c)
  • and price levels

to help sort through the noise and find interesting and potentially underrated companies.

Editorial Tools

Empower journalists with the tools they need to convey market movements. Pulse Editorial Tools is a portal that gathers all Pulse widgets in one place and provides functionality to build your own custom charts with streaming and historical market data.


RoboTable provides journalists with streaming insight about the markets – directly in our Live Center or as an API. As the market moves, RoboTable constantly calculates the significance of particular changes, enabling journalists to identify stories and give a deeper context to stories.


Once you identify a trading strategy, how do you know if it is working?

Our backtester allows readers to test their trading strategy on historical stock data to see how well it performs. Analysis can be performed on individual sectors or entire exchanges to allow readers to tweak their trading strategy and become better investors.

Stock market visualization

Stock markets, and especially finding interesting stocks, can feel like digging for a needle in a haystack. We're experts in big-data visualization and in presenting large data sets in an understandable way.

We can visualize an entire stock exchange, to show readers how all available stocks have performed, or how they correlate together. This allows deeper insights to be derived and helps educate and engage readers.