Live Center Features

The most flexible and powerful live blogging solution on the market.

Drive engagement with Social Media

Live blogging is an engaging and social form of communication. Live Center allows you to further drive social media engagement by natively finding Twitter accounts from which to automatically publish tweets.

Find the Twitter handle of the football team that is playing, select auto-publish and all their tweets will be published to your live blog as soon as they are tweeted!

Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram, YouTube, and any other type of social media can be embedded to bring life to your live coverage. Find your content, embed it in a post, publish and it is live!

Create rich media posts

Capture and post videos directly on your mobile, embed images, GiFs, Emojis and create interactive charts and diagrams directly in the editor - Live Center allows you to create engaging and rich live blogs with any type of visual content.

By live covering events using more than just text, you will be able to more freely and creatively focus on your storytelling.

Live Sports coverage

Live Center offers a range of tools for covering sports that allows you to create a more engaging live blog for your audience.

Choose from our two scoreboards that support football, rugby, hockey, basketball, etc., our Sports theme skin (coming soon), and in-game event icons which together will create a truly engaging live sports blog for your readers.

Further increase your engagement by collecting comments from readers and automatically pull in tweets and all that is missing are your journalists!

Simple & powerful embeds

Embedding Live Center on your site is both easy and flexible through our Iframe and JS options.

Choose between our easy-to-use Iframes that allows you to be up and running in minutes, JS library that gives you full control of the behavior and design of your live feeds, and our API that allows you to create custom integrations in native apps.

Live Center comes with ARIA WAI support out of the box, supporting users with disabilities that need screen readers to consume live blogs.

Our embed options are fully documented and we are more than happy to help you choose the alternative that best fit your needs.

Fully customizable blog design

Live Center gives you full control over the design of your live blogs, ensuring that your live coverage fits the brand and design theme of your site. For more advanced customers, our JS library will allow all the pixel-level control you need while ensuring a crisp user experience.

Not sure how to embed using JS? Don’t worry! We have a range of Iframe designs that fits all types of events. Want a custom Iframe just for your site? We’d be happy to create one for you.

Unlimited journalists, readers, and pageviews

Your success should not be a penalty through higher costs. Therefore Live Center has no caps on journalists, how many readers you attract, or pageviews you generate. You have complete freedom to collaborate with multiple journalists in the same live blog, invite guest reporters, and moderate workflows using our draft and moderation tools.

Create custom post visuals and elements

Want a special type of post theme or element? Or want to create your own post visual for an upcoming event?

Live Center allows you to create your own post visuals, elements, and themes, giving you complete control over how you choose to reach out and communicate with your audience. Thanks to Live Center’s Extensions you are never dependent on us to create a feature or functionality for you (even though we are happy to help!).

By joining the Live Center community you also get access to a wide range of Extensions including scoreboards, election vote counters, financial market panels, premium post themes, etc. from our Extensions library

Mobile-friendly & intuitive editor

No need to download an app which keeps requiring updates – Live Center is completely web-based and dynamically fits any interaction on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Our editor is streamlined to fit the pace and needs of live blogging, with a lightweight and scaled interface. Additionally, the editor can be customized for each customer’s needs – hiding and adding buttons and features based on needs to make sure you see only the features you really care about.

Comments – engage with your readers

Attract and engage readers by collecting comments directly in your live blog. Moderate, reply, and publish your replies to your audience in seconds through three easy steps:

  • Collect comments
  • Moderate (optional)
  • Reply & publish

Our comment workflow supports collaboration between users by allowing both quick publishing of comments as well as an intermediate step to moderate comments if needed - perfect for large-scale news coverages.

Monetize with ads and subscriptions

Our customers utilize the flexibility of Live Center to find new ways to generate advertising and subscription revenue.

Ads can be implemented directly in a live blog with both native or remote ads. They can be either manually or automatically posted at a set frequency, or held at a fixed position in the feed.

Generate subscriptions by publishing “Subscriber only” posts, supported through Live Center’s Extensions.

Whatever your monetization strategy is, Live Center can play a role in your revenue mix.

Enterprise-scale admin and user management controls

Spend less time inviting and administering users and more time creating content. Live Center’s admin panel allows for efficient administration of 100s of users with no need to manually invite or reset passwords - just like it should be.

Live Center also supports Guest reporters. Simply invite a user, select their channel access and publishing privileges, and they are off!