Coronavirus - Live Portal

The Coronavirus challenges news providers in how they publish breaking news.

Insights from how Live Center customers in public service broadcasting and publishing covers the COVID-19 outbreak leads Norkon to create Coronavirus Live Portal.

The Coronavirus has made live news coverage more important than ever before

Digital news publishers are more important now than ever before. By sharing information, answering questions, and covering live minute-by-minute developments of the Coronavirus pandemic they are providing an essential function in our communities.

Audiences are not just searching for the latest news about the outbreak, but also a forum where they can ask questions. Even though we currently have many facts about COVID-19, there are equally many unknowns and questions without answers. News outlets who are looking to engage with their readers therefore should provide Q&As and web chat. Both between readers and their journalists, but also with health experts. Providing readers with the latest news at the same location as they ask questions helps both the readers find information, but also other readers by publishing the answers to a larger audience.

As official sources report on cases, new clusters of Corona, and recoveries, facts and figures offer additional help to readers which news outlets have been quick to collate in their Corona coverage. These facts are sourced either directly from reports and press releases, videos, or social media such as Twitter.

To meet this urgent and insatiable demand for live updates, news publishers were quick to start Coronavirus live news articles, where they provide live updates in a live blog format. Live Center has been a key solution in these initiatives. With public service broadcasters such as and in Denmark and the Faroe Islands, and media groups such as Amedia, GOTA media, NTM, and CH Media all covering the outbreak. In total close to 50 live blogs have been created across the Live Center platform, with over 220 000 concurrent connections at times.

Live Portal - Coronavirus

For Norkon, thinking about how we can help our customers create the best possible Coronavirus latest news coverage, lead us to create a Live Coronavirus Portal.

The portal is already being taken into use by several of our customers including, Tradewinds, Upstream, Nettavisen, with more to follow.

The Coronavirus portal provides:
  • Fully customizable design and layout
  • Ability to add videos, picture, posts, articles and all other functionality available in Live Center
  • Dedicated feed for Q&A and web chats between readers, journalists, and experts
  • Map with automatically updating data for cases in different countries and regions, and recoveries
  • Automatic Twitter feed which collects tweets from relevant sources

Advertorial product

In addition to the Live Portal being used as a way to inform and engage readers, it can also serve as an advertorial product. News publishers can provide advertisers and commercial customers a Q&A or web chat portal where they can demonstrate their knowledge, expertise, or provide their customers reassurance during the Coronavirus turmoil. The Live Portal allows for fast customization of the design to allow the customer’s branding to be highlighted where needed.

See Live Portal implementations here:

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