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The most powerful live blogging solution on the market
Live Center gives you complete control over your live blog and the flexibility to integrate it with any existing platform or system
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Fully customizable design
Don't let your live blog be limited by default themes, Live Center allows you to design your live blog however you want to make it feel integrated with the rest of your websites.
Build your own posts
Create more engaging content by designing and creating your own custom blog post visuals and interactive charts such as sports score boards, interactive pie charts, index panels, election counters, etc.
Multi-platform compatibility
Live Center is easily integrated with your existing CMS, native app, media library, or other 3rd party sources and its mobile friendly design allows you to live blog directly from events in real-time.
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What are people saying about Live Center?

Live Center has all the bells and whistles that you would want and the people behind it provide outstanding service. Live Center has a ton of features and I highly recommend it.

Often I need to publish a quick news update and get this published within seconds. This solution makes this quick and simple without any unnecessary steps. I have worked with other platforms in the past and Live Center is faster and more user-friendly.

Gota Media chose Live center because we find it to be an up-to-date solution for live blogging from sport events and breaking news. As reporters we see Live center's interface as user friendly and we believe our customers like the new live blog design. The plugin to Infomakers Writer is straight forward to use with drag and drop functionality for easy publishing.

I loved that they work with you at the beginning to fully customise and adapt the product to suit your aims. They even built one or two elements for us specifically following feedback from our team. So they are every approachable and also worth noting they didn't push us to sign up constantly during the trial, they were happy for us to test everything we needed, by which time we were confident we wanted to go ahead anyway.


More pageviews

Engage readers with richer content resulting in more pageviews

Increase ad revenue

More traffic translates to higher ad & subscription revenue

Competitive price

State-of-the-art cloud technology providing cost efficient scalability

Truly unlimited

No limits on number of blogs, users, or concurrent readers

Easy integration

Easy integration with any existing media libraries, CMS or data sources

Complete control of design

Pixel-level control of live blog design

Save valuable time

Intuitive editor with smart features to make journalists’ jobs easier

Mobile- and tablet friendly

Dynamic rendering of live blogs on any device

Features Basic Professional Enterprise
Unlimited pageviews/concurrent readers
Fully customizable live blog theme design
Embed on any website, app, or portal
Unlimited scalability and fast load times
Intuitive and mobile-friendly editor
Active live blogs/ month 3 10 Unlimited
3rd party data feed integration
Blocks – manage your web page content
Run continuous live feeds
Twitter automation
API for CMS integration
SaaS or dedicated hosting
Feature request & roadmap influence
Support Email support (up to 12 hrs) Dedicated phone & email account support Dedicated Slack channel, phone, & email account support
69€/ month 699€/ month Contact us
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General questions

What is Live Center?

Live Center is a real-time live blogging solution with a highly flexible architecture that allows you to easily create your own post visuals and elements. It is easily embedded on website and allows contributers to post blogs that include video, text, images, and audio from inside and outside the newsroom. Live Center is a web-based application and it allows multiple users to collaborate within the same application to produce blog content from anywhere with internet access. Content can be collected from events, tradeshows, and product releases and then refined and published by a newsroom at a centralized location.
You can find more information about Live Center here on our Knowledge Center.

What are Extensions?

Extensions are visuals, charts, tables, and other elements which can easily be created and embedded into your blog posts. Thanks to Live Center’s modern architecture you have complete freedom to create your own Extensions! They are great ways to personalize your content deliver and drive reader engagement. Don’t have the technical base to build them on your own? Don’t worry! We are experts in visualization and can develop pretty much any type of Extension for you.

Is Live Center mobile and tablet friendly?

Yes. Live Center is mobile friendly and renders beautifully on all kinds of handheld devices. It is design to be used by writers in the field and supports uploading of pictures directly from smartphones. Live Center is also designed to be integrated with any kind of native app through its API.

Is there a free trial available for Live Center?

Of course! Just complete this form and we will set you up with a free trial account.

I need posts to appear in real-time, and published posts need to automatically appear on users’ screens without the need for the browser or app to refresh. Does Live Center support this?

This is where the solution truly stands out. Live Center uses real-time technology to distribute posts to upwards of hundreds of thousands of readers in real-time. Readers instantaneously get updates with zero-delay on any new, edited, or delete posts without the need to refresh the page. Additionally, any media that’s playing in the post feed for readers does not get interrupted if changes are made to the blog.

What are the different plans for Live Center and how much does it cost?

Live Center scales to fit any kind of live blogging need. We have plans that fits every live blogging need ranging from a limited number of blogs and readers, to true enterprise scale live blogging with hundreds of thousands of concurrent readers.

Technical questions

Can I integrate Live Center with my existing media library?

Yes, you can integrate Live Center with your existing media library.

My websites receive various amounts of traffic. How does Live Center perform under high loads?

Live Center is powered by the Azure Cloud and is built from the ground up to support heavy traffic loads. Please contact us for more details on traffic and load management.

I use Wordpress on my website, can I still use Live Center?

Yes. You are free to embed Live Center as either an iframe object or directly on your website as a JavaScript Library.
You can read more about different implementation options here.

I want to publish posts across multiple platforms (web and apps). Does Live Center support this?

Yes. Live Center comes with a web interface for publishing, and an API to be integrated with native apps.

Can blogs be shared across multiple websites? I.e. can I create one blog that appears in more than one location?

Yes. There are no limitations on how many locations a feed of posts appear on, and they can be distributed across multiple platforms.

I have my own CMS, can I still use Live Center on my website?

Yes! Live Center has APIs for both publishing from a centralized CMS, and for retrieving content from Live Center to allow it to be reused somewhere else.