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Leveraging our real-time and big-data technologies, we're able to provide tools and solutions ranging from visualizations to complete financial analysis platforms

Norkon solutions and the InvestAgg engine

Norkon has an extensive list of tools, integrated with InvestAgg engine, our processing engine for high volume financial data. Running in the Azure cloud, InvestAgg process real-time stock data continuously. Using in-memory processing, financial data is enriched and can be explored using advanced tools like stock watch, technical signals, data exploration and backtester.
InvestAgg Engine is suitable to power existing analysis tools, machine learning models and user interfaces that update in real time.

Some of our features include

  • Develop trading strategies leveraging technical indicators
  • Use the StockAgg backtester to evaluate trading strategies
  • Advanced visualization of entire exchanges or portfolio performance
  • Risk calculation and risk management
  • Stock notification systems based on real-time stock data
  • Gamification, strategy feedback and learning automation
  • Portfolio management with what-if analysis
  • Machine Learning Interfaces

For companies in the financial industry preparing for a digital transformation, InvestAgg Engine is represents an ideal starting point for further extension.

Please contact us for a deeper analysis of your needs, so that we can provide the most value at the right time to market.

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Features of the InvestAgg and Norkon services

  • Strategies

    Develop trading strategies leveraging technical indicators

  • Backtest

    Benchmark strategies against historical data, to to test new insights

  • Visualization

    Advanced visualizations of entire exchanges, portfolio performance and strategies

  • Real-time stock alerts

    Stock notification with alerts based on real time stock data. Create triggers and levers.

  • Risk calculation and risk management

    Calculate risk, volatility and create an immersive picture of data

  • Create competitions to improve performance

    Employ in-house challenges and sweepstakes to increase learning, and guide focus towards activities that matter

  • What-if analysis

    Simulate multiple portfolios based on different strategies, and gain quantifiable insights about decisions outcome using what if-analysis

  • Machine learning

    Connect live data to machine learning and create new real-time streams of signals