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Visualization Projects

Communicate ideas with data

Our experienced team delivers precision-engineered interactive visualizations. See below for customers in publishing, marketing and financial services sector.

End to end in real-time

Source to pixel delivery of real-time data streams

Key areas of expertise include end-to-end visualization of real-time data streams. This has applications in the financial and business intelligence sectors.


Conversion, visualization and more

At the end of the day, revenue is what counts. Drawing on experience from publishing, we help build frictionless customer journeys tailored to your product.

Some of our consulting projects

These are some of our references for consulting work

Alchemy Trading

The Norwegian hedge fund Alchemy trades heavily on the Scandinavian markets, and envisioned visualization that could easily communicate their approach to making investment decisions.

  • Trailing arrow shows the movements of variables
  • Powerful visualization assists decision making in the intersection between machine-learning and trader experience
  • Key visualizations represent a common language, which ease communications and speeds up decisions


Huseiernes Landsforbund

Communicating with data is engaging - and the reason is simple. Data driven visualization are all about allowing the user to self-select information that is relevant to him or her.

In this example, price information relating to utilities, cost of living and municipal taxes were combined in a self-service platform informing users about their cost of living

A great example of how data-driven journalism - or an engaging marketing campaign - can be created from in public data sets

  • Users self-select variables to compare
  • Visualizations show the relative position of each town

UpStream Oil & Gas

This small widget adds an important feature for UpStream Oil & Gas, providing real-time data for different oil and gas commodities.

  • Live data from commodity exchanges

Dagens Næringsliv

DN is the largest financial newspaper in Norway, and an important partner for Norkon. Norkon has developed a range of visualizations for DN building on a principle of "relevance by self-selection".

In this example, property prices in Norway has been plotted on a map widget allowing house owners to track the value of their houses.

  • Custom data visualizations relating to a particular visualization
  • Styled using DN colors and style guides
  • Code targeted toward specific stories
  • Reusable year after year with new data